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Awards Fever: Biggest Snubs, Surprises & Predictions...

It has been a memorable year for films in 2015 as there were such variety in the plot and way of execution. Take the 8 nominated movies for an example; a stranded man out for revenge in the 1820's, an astronaut stuck in Mars, a boy who has been in a room since birth and have not seen the outside world for 8 years, an ugly truth that was exposed in Boston, a post-apocalyptic world where water is power, an unique love story, a tensed war negotiations and the economic crisis in America. When i walked out of the cinema in after watching 12 Years a Slave and Birdman in the years 2013 and 2014 respectively, I knew and predicted that these films will win the best picture award and it did. Surprisingly, none of the 8 nominated films this year gave me the same feeling. That being said, there many surprises regarding the films that were snubbed and also in the acting categories. Below are the breakdown of some of the films that were really good this year and those that were snubbed by the Academy.

The full nominations list can be viewed by the link below.

The Best from the nominated films:


A tear-jerking film this is probably the most underrated movie of 2015. Imagine being born in a room and not seeing the world until you are 10 years old. The love of a mother to her son is portrayed brilliantly in this film. Half of this film is taken inside a room which shows the creativity this film possesses to keep the audience engaged. The acting and screenplay was top notch. A difficult film to watch though.



It will be really controversial if this film eventually wins the Best Picture Award. It's a true story that happened in Boston, where a group of reporters uncovered an ugly truth surrounding the Catholic Church. Only people with an open mindset can watch this film. It has a real sense of realism with the way this film was taken, like watching a live documentary. Making this film was a brave attempt by everyone involved and definitely a wake up call for the people to know what is happening around them.

The Revenant

A simple story of revenge that happened back in the 1820's was captured quite beautifully with amazing cinematography throughout the film. The fact that this film was taken in natural light just shows the level of difficulty in making this film. The people's favorite to win the best picture award this year.

Just like last year, I will only cover the more talked about categories and I will state on whom I feel will win and those I feel should win based on my personal preference. The surprise snubs and omission for each category will also be mentioned.

The 88th Academy Awards winners will be:

Best Visual Effects:

Will Win: Mad Max: Fury Road

Should Win: Ex-Machina

Best Costume Design:

Will Win: Mad Max: Fury Road

Should Win: The Danish Girl

 Best Makeup and Hairstyle:

Will Win: Mad Max: Fury Road

Should Win: Mad Max: Fury Road

Best Original Music Score:

Will Win: Ennio Morricone for The Hateful 8

Should Win: Ennio Morricone for The Hateful 8

The composer for The Good, Bad and the Ugly (1966) is still going strong at the age of 84 and deserves his first Oscar this time, surely.

Best Adapted Screenplay                                                            Best Original Screenplay

Will Win: Room                                                                          Will Win: Spotlight

Should Win: The Big Short                                                         Should Win: Spotlight

Snubbed: Steve Jobs                                                                  Snubbed: The Hateful 8

Best Cinematography:

Will Win: Emmanuel Lubezki for The Revenant

Should Win: Emmanuel Lubezki for The Revenant

This would mark 3 wins in a row for this Mexican cinematographer who won for Gravity and Birdman before this.

Best Supporting Actress:

Will Win: Alicia Vikander for The Danish Girl

Should Win: Alicia Vikander for The Danish Girl

In a movie where everyone was anticipating the performance of Eddie Redmayne, she stole the show and definitely deserves the Oscar.

Best Supporting Actor:

Will Win: Tom Hardy for the Revenant

Should Win: Mark Rylance for Bridge of Spies

Snubbed: Samuel L.Jackson for Hateful 8

Tom Hardy really gave a good performance but Mark Rylance was just simply amazing in Bridge of Spies. He totally drowned into his character.

Best Actress:

Will Win: Brie Larson for Room

Should Win: Brie Larson for Room

Brie Larson gave her all in this performance as a mother doing her best for her child. It will be a really big upset if she doesn't win.

Best Actor:

Will Win: Leonardo DiCaprio for The Revenant

Should Win:

Leonardo DiCaprio for The Revenant

Snubbed: Will Smith for Concussion

Step forward Leo for his first ever Oscar win and a well deserved one. Enough said.

Best Director:

Will Win:

Alejandro G. Inarritu for The Revenant

Should Win: Lenny Abrahamson for Room

Snubbed: Ridley Scott for The Martian

Inarritu is the favorite again but this award should go for Lenny who did a fantastic job directing a touching film with just 2 people in a room.

Best Picture:

Will Win: The Revenant

Should Win: The Revenant

Looking at all the other awards leading up to this, The Revenant just probably deserves the win and I have no complains for that.

Snubbed films:

The Hateful 8

Absolutely surprised that this film was not at least nominated as it was a personal favorite film of 2015. 8 Western people trapped in a cabin one of them is not who they claim to be. What more could you ask for. Director Tarrantino did it again.

The Walk

This is a story based of the French high-wire artist Philippe Petit's walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. Joseph Gordon Lewitt gave a memorable performance. One not to be missed

Straight Outta Compton

The origins story of the pioneer rap group N.W.A which showed their struggles in reaching fame by coming from the hood. There is no success without pain.

Over to you Chris Rock

Monday, January 11, 2016

Greatest footballers I've seen: My all time XI

Ever since I became a football fan in 2001, there has been so many great footballers that has graced the game. I consider myself to be lucky and grateful to see these great players during my time. I often get the questions of who is my favorite footballer. Hence, I've decided to write this in my admiration for these exceptional players. I have selected the best 11 players according to their positions with 7 substitutes. The players are only those that I've seen during my time as a football fan. An early apology if any of the facts stated below are inaccurate and will be truly appreciated if the mistakes are pointed out.

Formation: 4-3-3

Coach: Marcello Lippi

Probably the calmest and coolest manager ever!

Lippi will always be remembered as the coach that guided Italy to success in the 2006 World Cup. He is considered the best in setting his side to be defensively organized and gives his attacking players the freedom to express themselves. He has 5 Serie A titles and one champions league medal under his belt and also he was the manager for the Chinese league team, Guangzhou Evergrande when they won the AFC Cup in 2013. This achievement showed the class of Lippi as he can be successful wherever he goes. The most successful manager in the international and club level that I've seen.

Goalkeeper: Gianluigi Buffon

The save hands of Turin

Buffon has been around ever since I started watching football until this present day. He has been the most reliable save hands as well as being really consistent throughout his career. The 2006 World Cup winning goalkeeper did not concede a single goal from open play in the whole tournament. A big and commanding presence at the back he always keeps his defense organised like a typical Italian style. I wonder how Italy is ever going to find a replacement for him.

Right Back: Cafu

Captain Samba

Trust me, Philip Lahm came very close here but Cafu just shaded for this spot. During his time in Milan, many regarded him as the most complete right back in terms of attacking and defending. He always had the right balance in his game and never stopped running up and down the pitch. He was literally unbelievable in the 2002 World Cup guiding his team to glory as the captain. That 2002 Brasil team is the best football team I've ever seen in terms of attacking and if he was the captain for that side, that says how special Cafu was. He is also the only player to have played 3 world cup finals in a row.

Center Back: Fabio Cannavaro

Italy's great wall

Cannavaro is the last defender to have the prestigious Balon D'Or prize. He was central and the main figure of the Italian team in 2006 that won the world cup without conceding a single goal from open play. They only concede two with one being an own goal and another a penalty. It is a truly amazing feat when such achievement is done at the highest stage of a football tournament. Despite being only 5ft 9, he showed height is not an issue to be a great defender. He was also part of the Real Madrid team that won the La Liga back to back in 2007 and 2008. Since he left, Madrid was unable to achieve that again.

Center Back: Carlos Puyol

The rock of Camp Nou
Unlike Cannavaro, who was a good ball playing defender, Puyol was more of the old school no nonsense type. Even if his teams won 3-1, 4-1 he will never be satisfied if there is no clean sheet. That just shows his character as a defender who was crucial to Barcelona and Spain's success in recent years. Won everything there is to offer including the Champions League, Euro and World Cup.

Left Back: Paolo Maldini

Never mess with Mr. AC Milan

Paolo Maldini will remain until this very day as the best ever defender in an one on one situation. I remember wingers being left frustrated going against Maldini as he has the speed to go along his great reading of the game. Assured with both feet and a great header of the ball, Maldini could play anywhere across the back-line without breaking sweat. He is an all time Milan great. AC Milan lost its identity and image when Maldini retired.

Defensive Midfielder: Andrea Pirlo

The Architect

Where do I start with this Italian Mozart? Just like fine wine, he became better with age. He made football look easy while playing in a deep lying play-maker role. In the 2006 World Cup, Pirlo had a part to play in every single Italian game either with a goal or an assist including the final. In Euro 2012, he dictated every single game until the final and was rightfully named the best player of the tournament. He has an exquisite touch and passing range with a calmness that makes the audience think they are watching an exhibition match. Left AC Milan in 2011 after winning the league and Champions league twice. After joining Juventus he guided them to win the Serie A title 4 times in a row as well as bringing them to the Champions League final in 2015. A true artist of the game.

Center Midfielder: Zinedine Zidane

The General

The most skillful midfielder I have seen? The great Zizou. The first champions league final that I've watched is the 2002 final between Madrid and Leverkusen where Zizou settled the final with a full first time volley at the edge of the box with the ball dropping from 15 meters in the air. I don't remember seeing a more beautiful goal being scored in a final. Zizou was central in the great 'Galacticos' team of Real Madrid. He was also named as the best player in the 2006 World Cup despite being at the age of 34 where he almost single handedly guided France to the final. An all round midfielder who could beat opponents with ease. Pure class.

Center Midfielder:Paul Scholes

The Dictator

Paul Scholes was admired and considered as the best by both Pirlo and Zidane and it would be literally criminal to not include this ginger prince in my list. When I started watching football Scholes was an attacking midfielder with great eye for goals. When Scholes was the heart of the England national team, that was the last England were able to compete with the best in the international stage. England only narrowly lost to the mighty Brasil team in the 2002 World Cup quarter finals and the international team has been in a free fall since. With 11 league titles and 2 champions league medals to his name, Scholes is definitely the best player that I've seen playing for Man Utd. Scholes was used as a role model in the Barcelona academy, La Masia. In his later years, he changed his game to a more deep lying role and the 2011 champions league cemented his place as a true great as 5 Barcelona players ( Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro, Messi and Busquets) raced for his jersey after the final whistle. Iniesta won.

Left Wing: Ronaldinho Gaucho

The Best of the Best

The only footballer that no matter which team you support, you just can't hate. Ronaldinho played the game in a way that other players can only dream off. There will never be another Ronaldinho. I can't find words to describe his greatness as I'm just sitting here thinking how to express my admiration of him and making myself look like a fool. He scores when he wants to, dribbles when he wants to and settle a football match when he feels like doing so. Always with a smile on his face, he is the one who made me fall in love with football through his mesmerizing performances in the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Hence, it can be said, what made me be a fanatic football fan? The answer is Ronaldinho. He made other legends of the game including those in this list look like total amateurs with his sublime skills and mouthwatering movement with the ball. The best footballer I've ever seen so far. Enough said.

Right Wing: Lionel Messi

The Genius

Messi is a pure genius as he knows what to do at the right time. He never hesitates to lay the ball on a plate for his teammates when he could have easily score himself. He is blessed with a natural footballing gift with extraordinary vision, touch and dribbling skills. Messi has won the Balon D'Or 4 times and is in the running for his 5th accolade. It is almost impossible to stop Messi when he is running with the ball on his magical left foot. Barcelona has been blessed to have him among their ranks. He is another player that shows size doesn't matter to be the best. Messi is indeed without a doubt the best football player who is still playing the game.  The only player who is faster with the ball than without it. A living legend.

Center Forward: Luis Ronaldo

The Phenomenon

The most complete striker that I've seen so far is without a doubt is Luis Ronaldo. He could do almost anything that you expect from a striker. Equally talented with both feet, blessed with spectacular shooting ability Ronaldo was striker any team would dream of having in their team. The 2002 World Cup was the highlight of his sublime career.You don't see many strikers in the present day who is so comfortable with finishing a chance by rounding past the the goalkeeper. Ronaldo was born to score goals.


Iker Casillas

The save of his life
Another goalkeeper who has been there ever since I started watching football. He will always remain as the image of Real Madrid. A wonderful goalkeeper and was also an important pivot for Spain to winning the 2010 World Cup and the 2008, 2012 Euros. Manuel Neuer came close for this spot.

Phillip Lahm

Mr. Underrated

Manager Pep Guardiola quoted that Lahm is the most intelligent player that he has coached. Lahm could play 3 different positions comfortably due to his brilliant football mind. He would have been more appreciated if football players are not based just by the number of goals. Lahm is a player who is consistent almost every game and it was so fitting to see him lift the 2014 World Cup as the captain of Germany.

Xavi Hernandez

The conductor of Spain

The midfield conductor for Barcelona and the reason for all their achievements during the Guardiola era. He is another player that was not given enough attention due to his lack of goals. Only fans who truly understands football will appreciate his talents and what he brings to the team. Xavi was also the midfield general for Spain during their Euro and World Cup success. Roy Keane and Claude Makelele came close for his spot.

Andres Iniesta

The goal that broke the heart of every Dutch fan including myself

Xavi's partner in crime both in the club and international level, Iniesta is a magician on the ball with an eagle eye vision for an assist. Scorer of the 2010 World Cup winning goal, and the best player for Spain in Euro 2012, Iniesta could run games according to his tempo. When everyone thought he was washed out, he produced one of his best performances in the 2015 champions league final claiming the Man of the Match award. Currently my favorite footballer who is still playing. Steven Gerrard just ran short for Iniesta's spot.

Ryan Giggs

The Man for all seasons

The Welsh wizard will be considered as the best player ever in the Premier League era as he was constantly tearing teams apart at will with his speed and skill. If 13 premier league titles and 2 champions league medals is not enough to determine his class, Giggs changed to a central midfielder as he became older which showed his footballing intelligence and he received a standing ovation from the Bernabeau faithful when he was substituted off as he earned a man of the match performance against Madrid at the age of 40. Kaka lost this spot due to short prime form as compared to Giggs.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Machine

A goal-scoring machine, Cristiano is just simply relentless in terms of scoring and his always challenging himself to be better. Started out as a youngster at Man Utd, Ronaldo raised to great heights due to his hardwork in training in his determination to be the best. He has broken countless of goalscoring records during his tenure at Madrid and his hattrick of Balon D'Or wins showcases his greatness.

Thierry Henry

The King of Highbury

A class striker during his prime at Arsenal. An important member of the great 'invincibles' Arsenal team during the 2002-2003 season. Everytime he gets the ball inside the box you would just know that something was about to happen. One of the most skillful players to have graced the game and probably the best all round premier league striker.

by Ivan Vincent

Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year 2016 resolutions: Girls vs Boys

While almost everyone is having their resolutions for the year 2016, I'm still in 2015 thinking how it has passed by so fast. Seeing people posting their resolutions on social media made me realize that there is some degree of difference on how a boy and a girl wants their year to turn out. To write this, I asked some of my close friends about their aspirations for the year of 2016 to see if there is a significant contrast from the gender. The results did not disappoint. Happy New Year 2016 and may all your desires come true!

Boys resolutions - blue

Girls resolutions - pink

' I need to lose weight'          'get laid'       'I need to get all A's for my subjects this year'

'drink 2 cans of beer instead of 4'        'Need to cut down on my selfies per day'       'f**k it'                                                        

'say hi to my crush'         'get a good job'          'to stay the same'           'pray each day'

            'dye my hair at least once'        'get abs'       'lose weight without going to gym'

'meet a celebrity'    ' just pass my exams'    'look good in a bikini'     'don't lose my job'


               'kiss a girl'            'not to scold my bf always'           'grow beard'             

    'quit smoking'      'try to learn cooking'      'stop saying lies'      'sweat at least once'                                                      

'gain assets'    'smile more'     'save money'    'try alcohol when my 21st birthday comes'

'stick to my resolutions'       'need to diet everyday'  'be the best in FIFA'     'read more'

 'travel overseas at least once'      'stop masturbating'       'graduate successfully'       

   'get a bf '       'try a new sport'          'go for more concerts'        'stay single'     

     'clear debts'               'shop less'           ' sleep less'             'try learning an instrument'

Special thank you to everyone who contributed. Cheers to a great year ahead!

by Ivan Vincent

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Am I afraid of ghost? Hell no, I’m more afraid of humans.

As we rewind back 2015, it has been a year to forget for us all in terms of casualties. Looks like many involved in these forgettable events are more interested to cause havoc rather than having sympathy for people and the places we live in. I’m not here to say who is wrong or right and definitely not going to be on anyone’s side here. Things happen due to something that has occurred which has led to the consequences that follow. Below are the incidents that have happened throughout the year in which that has left a sorrowful impact on those involved. I’ll be focusing on incidents that happened due to cause of a fellow human and not Mother Nature.

Jan 7 - Charlie Hebdo Attack

This tragic shooting in Paris occurred on the morning of January 7th where the French satirical newspaper was attacked by Yemen’s Al Qaeda branch as a payback for the illustration of the term ‘Allah’ published in the newspaper many years ago. Eleven people were killed during the attack on the media outlet.

Feb 4- TransAsia Airways Flight 235 Crashes on Highway

 Just 37 seconds after taking off and reaching an altitude of 1,200 feet, the TransAsia Airways Flight 235 crashed on a highway in Taiwan. The right engine had failed before the pilot turned off the left one manually. The plane couldn’t glide and crashed on the highway, and continued its way into a nearby river. Of the 58 people on board, only 15 survived. Innocent lives were lost due to poor maintenance of the flight.

March 24 - Germanwings Flight 9525 Crashes into the French Alps

The Germanwings Flight 9525 departed from El Prat Airport in Spain and was on route to Düsseldorf Airport in Germany but it never reached its destination. The plane crashed into the French Alps. All 150 people on board were killed. The crash was executed by the co-pilot, who had been diagnosed as unfit for work because he was severely depressed and suicidal. He had kept the information for himself and never informed his employer. After the incident, many countries implemented a new regulation that two authorized people must be present in the cockpit at all times, in order to prevent such tragedies from ever happening again.

April until now - The Refugee Crisis

The refugee crisis is also known as the European Migrant Crisis which started back in April 2015 when five boats sank in the Mediterranean Sea, which killed around 1,200 refugees coming mostly from Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea. The refugees are fleeing their countries due to violent conflicts in North Africa and Middle East, seeking asylum into European countries. The number of forcibly displaced people worldwide reached 59.5 million at the end of 2014, the highest level since World War II. The most recent event that went viral in the media was the death of 3-year-old Syrian boy who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea. Because his family was trying to reach Canada, his death immediately became an issue in the 2015 Canadian federal election, forcing the government to promise the welcoming of more refugees.

August 26- Reporter and Cameraman Killed Live On TV

Yes, you didn’t read that title wrongly. This is an absolutely shocking incident that happen in Virginia, US. A bitter ex-television reporter, carrying a handgun and a homicidal rage two years after his ugly firing, made himself the lead story complete with the shocking video. The tormented journalist emptied his gun into an ex-colleague and the cameraman from point-blank range Wednesday as a live audience watched the double homicide over morning coffee. The remorseless killer actually videotaped the slaughter, posting a 56-second clip on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter before killing himself as Virginia State Police closed in about five hours later.


November 13 – Paris Attacks

This tragedy in Paris was probably the most shocking of the lot. It was a series of coordinated attacks that involved three suicide bombers near the Stade de France followed by mass shootings near restaurants, cafes and concert halls. The attack killed 130 people including 89 at the Batalacan theatre where they were taken as hostages. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) claimed responsibility for the attacks stating that it was in retaliation for the French airstrikes targets in Syria and Iraq. Others claimed it to be an act of war or start of a potential World War 3.

These incidents above show that no matter our position, religion or country we live in, the world is not a safe place anymore. The implications show what a human is capable of doing to another human being either in the form of deliberately, indirectly, carelessness or outright head on vicious attacks. The thought of me writing this came when someone asked me ‘Are you afraid of ghosts?’ For now, as far as I’m concerned, I’m more afraid of fellow human beings and what they are capable of. It’s just a matter of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. It is worrying to see how we have made our earth to be in. You don’t open a random newspaper every day and see humans getting killed by any ghost or demons. It’s more and more of humans killing each other that are flooding the news almost every single day. No matter which faith you are in, there is believe that God will come again to the earth to end everything. From the rate we are going, there is no need for that, as humans ourselves will kill and destroy our beloved world. It looks like it’s just a matter of time now. Hoping that the year 2016 will be a more peaceful year compared to 2015.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Untold Stories (part 1)

Go school, do higher education, graduate, find job then work for a happy life. It’s that simple ain’t it? Really?  That simple? How to get that ‘happy life’ if our parents could not afford for us to go school? Are we doomed? In this country we just ignore the biasness and unfair treatment for students who deserve a place in the public university just because parents can afford to send us to private universities. How if they could have not? Is there any other way to achieve that ‘happy life’?
From my internship experience that I underwent this year, it exposed me to people with a variety of backgrounds and struggles they had to adhere to be where they are. They say that internship gives us the outside exposure and the real difficulty of life, it surely did.  Here are some of the selected people whom stories amazed me that I’m going to share without revealing their personal details.

Untold #1

The first person was an operator is running the machines in the production line when I first joined for my internship.  Always on the go, working with such enthusiasm and constantly for some work to do despite having the part of his work done. His observation and hands on application was really good as I’ve seen him the first on the scene if there is a need of troubleshoot in a machine. I remember him saying that ‘I’ve been doing the same job for 5 years now, but I cannot continue this. I need a platform to show the knowledge I have in my work for a raise’. – quoted by untold #1.

Since then, he has been constantly working on an idea he has on how to improve the productivity of a machine. Without the knowledge of engineering, his experience was all he had to work on his idea. I’ve seen him asking many people for assistance including mine to help him out especially for his presentation skills. During the month of August, he presented his work to the technicians and engineers leaving them very impressed.  Earlier this month, as I went to work I noticed something odd.  Untold #1 was sitting in the technician’s room handling an issue. It was then I knew he has been promoted and all his work has paid off. There are many people doing the same operator job for 10-15 years but this person made his time worth it in just 5 years. He told me this when I congratulated him ‘This promotion may seem small for others but it means everything to me, I’m able to make my family happier now’.  – quoted by untold #1.

Untold #2

The second individual is someone who has faced terrible luck for the past two years. It came to my knowledge that his unfortunate person was involved in an accident last year. At the time when I joined for my internship, he was not there and I only met him after a month. I thought he was a new worker but it seems he faced another accident the week before I joined. Adding to that, in August, this unlucky person faced yet another accident and was admitted for 3 weeks. Despite having his back against the wall, he is one of the most optimistic characters that I’ve ever meet in my life let alone at my host company. He’s the one that will greet everyone ‘good morning’ and is always setting up plans for that week; either badminton or futsal. 

The accident has resulted in him being unable to move his body as agile as before and also difficulty in eating. He is almost reaching 50,not married and is an operator for the past 20 years also. I feel truly sorry for him every single time I see him and I have asked him how are you always joyous and making jokes with his reply being “Look, I’ve been involved in an accident 3 times the past 2 years, each time was me in a motor colliding with a car yet God has spared me my life even though I have been sinful all my life. I’m just trying my best to do the most with my life now and making people happy is something I like to do”. – quoted by untold #2

Untold #3 and Untold #4……… be continued…..

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Gift of Life

We are all guilty of being caught up with our daily routines that we do not realize our purpose, who and where we are? Countless things that have taken by granted by us cannot be matched by the one elusive thing that sometimes forgets the true value of it. This thing is called life. Men have created many wonders on earth but life is something too delicate and too sophisticated for any men to recreate when it’s gone. After spending 9 months in the comfort of our mother’s womb we are given a chance and a taste of life in this one in a million planet called earth. What did we do to earn this life? Was there any price to pay for?  Is this life given through the good deeds of our previous life? These are questions that we neglect after realizing how our lives have penned out as the aura of guiltiness clouds over us.

Life: Our greatest gift

As beautiful as life may seem, our body is just a working tool blessed by a perfect working mechanism sheltering our soul from any possible harm. It is something that cannot be seen or touched but acts as the platform for our life. The soul within us the greatest gift we will ever receive in our life. No matter where and how this is an absolute honor as there are no reasons yet on why deserve this. The agony that mothers goes through to be the instrument that brought us to where we are now is an undefined value of sacrifice beyond boundaries.  A mother is a temple by her own and the closest we can ever get to heaven on earth.

Cherishing the soul is something that most of us fail to live up to. Our mind is often so vulnerable to the influence that our young blood desires to try which leads to the risk of being involved in dangerous activities. The roots of where we come from are victims of being left hanging because due to some reason, we tend to be ashamed of it and for the fear of not being accepted by the circle. The number of days, weeks and years of us being taken care and fed by our family when an infant and the panic station our parents go through whenever we get lost as a child. It’s an anxiety that will only be understood and appreciated when we have children of our own. Despite this, many enroll themselves to dangerous and unhealthy activities that may cause fatal to life in which by doing so succumbs parents to a permanent state of despair.

Appreciate the soul before it's taken away

Without our realisation, it is a big test of how much we do with our life given. The contribution by us that may seem small in our eyes might be something huge in the eyes of another. This is in fact the biggest test that we will ever go through where no written exams could even come close. Spending too much time dreaming and chasing to be someone we are not just for the sake of popularity when there are so many out there would give anything just to be in our shoes. The simple life given to us is a luxury for the less fortunate for example our parents, food, shelter, education, love etc. Taking the life of another for a reason besides self defense is never our right as well as dashing a young person especially a girls dreams and future through the influence of lust shows the nonchalant of another's soul. 

Just like anyone else, I have too faced guiltiness upon me by not making the best of the life I'm given. We all have, as we are not angels to be perfect throughout our life. The most important thing is to change after going through the phase of realization and trying to make amends for it is what really matters. It may seem a small step but it'll definitely pay much dividends one day.